About the Script:  You will receive a suggested script all about your company within 2 days of placing an order for service. Most often, we can write your script with information from your website. Once you approve the script, SoundWave records in our studio using a professional voice talent and your choice of background music.   

About the Music: SoundWave has a full library of music to choose from such as jazz, soft rock, adult contemporary and classical.  The music is fully licensed for use with on-hold recordings provided by SoundWave.  We can incorporate your existing commercials and jingles as well!

About the On-Hold Player: SoundWave provides a state-of-the-art USB digital on-hold player for those customers with a PBX phone system - at no additional charge.  Your custom recording is stored on an external USB flash drive.  Simply insert the USB into the player for immediate high-quality, crystal-clear playback.  SoundWave offers a 48 hour replacement if the player stops working for any reason.  All customers must have a PBX telephone system to use the on-hold player provided.

About VOIP Phone systems:  Customers that have a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system will not need an on-hold player.  We provide the custom recording in a wave or MP3 file formatted to work with any VOIP system.  We email the custom recording to the customer to easily upload into their VOIP system.

About the Custom Recording: The custom recording usually consists of 4 to 6 paragraphs worth of information.  The recording is a continuous loop.  Recordings are usually 2 - 4 minutes in length but can be longer if needed at no additional charge. SoundWave provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all recordings and will redo at no charge if necessary.

About Multiple Locations:  If you have more than one location that needs on-hold service, Soundwave provides a 10% discount off any plan. If you have more than 10 locations, contact SoundWave for pricing.

About Payment and Cancellation Terms:  SoundWave does not require contracts and service is on a month-to-month basis. The on-hold player is leased to the customer's with PBX or KEY phone systems and upon cancellation, customer must return the player and all components or a charge of $295.00 will apply.  Payment terms offered are quarterly, semi-annual, annual and 36-months.  To cancel service, customer needs to email or call with request.  If customer paid for months of service that will not be used, a refund will be sent upon returning the on-hold player to SoundWave.

Questions?  Please email or call toll-free 877-396-5090 ext. 701

Frequently Asked Questions