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Recording Guarantee: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will redo at no additional cost. Updates can be done anytime and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to contact SoundWave to request an update.
Cancellation Policy: Customer may cancel service anytime by calling or emailing a SoundWave representative.  Upon canceling, customer agrees to return on-hold player, cords and USB pin drive to SoundWave (if applicable).  A refund of any months of service paid for in advanced will be refunded upon receipt of on-hold player.  If customer does not return the on-hold player, a charge of $195.00 will apply.
Equipment Warranty:  SoundWave provides state-of-the-art digital on-hold players with a 100% guarantee of performance for the length of the service.  If the equipment fails for any reason, SoundWave will replace the equipment at no cost to the customer.
Installation: Most of the time customers can plug in the on-hold player very easily.   If your phone vendor is needed to hook up the player, and installation fees are required, it is the sole responsibility of the customer.  (view install instructions)
VOIP Customers:  No on-hold player is needed.  Customer will be responsible for uploading the wave file into their VOIP system.
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